With over 24 million listeners per month with an average of 1.3 to 1.6 million per day, Closeup Television is a premiere news magazine TV program spotlighting the most successful businesses across America. Closeup Television has featured thousands of industry leaders on our shows. We are a professional News Magazine Show, viewed by millions who continue to be captivated by our intellectual, informative and entertaining storytelling style. Join us! Viewers are eager to watch and learn about your specific business or profession. 




We continue to select only the business leaders and entrepreneurs who are making a difference in America and globally. These leaders are interviewed by well known celebrity news reporters, including nationally recognized Doug Llewelyn. Mr. Llewelyn is well remembered as the host of the People's Court. He reported outside the courtroom, and was known as "the voice of sensibility".




As a leader in your industry, you will have the opportunity to discuss and promote your business on a nationally recognized cable television station (ION). Your business or profession is featured alongside other prominent industry leaders and you will be able to:



  • Broadcast live news video over the web

  • Give your business a global audience 24/

  • Create and build credibility using celebrity reporters

  • Communicate what makes your business different

  • Demonstrate how your products work

  • Educate customers and employees

  • Motivate prospects to buy

Closeup Television is a full service media company that provides media giants, entrepreneurs, business owners and everyday people a platform to tell their story. Closeup Television in conjunction with Blog Talk Radio is rapidly changing the way we discover, consume and share information. 


Blog Talk Radio is one of today's largest internet talk radio channels with over 24 million listeners per month with an average of 1.3 to 1.6 million per day.




Closeup Television has partnered with Blog Talk Radio making us one of the largest internet based radio shows. We provide our clients a direct way to interact with their consumers and targeted audience both nationally and internationally through conversational marketing. Our platform allows our clients to network their products and services build their brand and market to millions of listeners worldwide. 


Our clients will be interviewed by our Celebrity Reporters Doug Llewelyn (The former host of the Peoples Court) and Jim Masters (PBS, Clear Channel, and 960 WELI) or one of our other talented reporters. 


Closeup Television in conjunction with our celebrity reporters endorsement uses high impact advertising that allows our clients to interact directly with their consumers along with directing traffic to your business website and social media platforms. Closeup Television utilizes Social media marketing programs that deliver real results for your marketing dollars. 


Our Radio show covers such categories as Business, Finance, Entertainment, Sports, Book Launches, Technology, Education, Health, Politics, Self help, Life , Spirituality , Social Networking, Industry issues ,etc.. 


 Cancellation policy:   Due to the scheduling of our scriptwriters and our celebrity reporters we are unable to provide refunds if the client cancels their production. 

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